What Should You Know About Hot Water Cylinders?

What Should You Know About Hot Water Cylinders?

Hot water cylinders are actually used in gravity-fed heating as well as mains-pressure systems. It stores water and then heats it through a coil or immersions.

Basically, an indirect hot water cylinder would be heated with the help of a coil, accompanied by an immersion heater(s) in the form of a back-up heat source. On the contrary, the heating source of direct hot water cylinder would be immersion heaters.

Most of the times, these cylinders are composed of stainless steel, but copper is also used in the manufacturing of hot water cylinders. Some homes have the older style vented system, and some others have the latest unvented system that performs from that of the cold water mains on a direct basis.

How to choose the correct Hot Water Cylinder?

When a hot water system is accompanied by a hot water cylinder in the form of a major segment, one of the crucial things is to make sure that it operates at its maximum efficiency. And to ensure that, you need to go for an appropriately sized cylinder for the same to fulfill the requirements posed by a hot water system.


While it comes to an excessively big cylinder, it will be an unnecessary wasting of energy because the specific cylinder would heat more amount of water than whatever the actual requirements of that system.

On the contrary, an excessively small system means when it’s constantly used, the supply of the hot water will vanish quickly. It can frustrate people when they don’t get a hot shower.

Prior to selecting the hot water cylinder’s size, it’s very important to figure out all the expectations that will be placed on it throughout the day, especially in times of peak hours.

It might sound simple but actually discovering the correct size for hot water cylinders is somewhat a tricky matter. It’s not just about calculating the count of users, who’re going to use the water. It’s also critical to analyze the pressure whatever the peak time would pose on that system, the respective cylinder capacity and also the total time its water takes for re-heating.

How to work out on the Hot Water Cylinder Size?

When it comes to a domestic situation, figuring out the hot water cylinder size is simpler because it’s easy to predict the approx demands of a family. In general, it’s better to analyze the cylinder size depending upon the counts of bathrooms, bedrooms along with the number of showers within the entire property.

By making use of this measurement, you will get a hot water cylinder as a great hot water source without any mess along with some flexibility.

When it comes to a direct cylinder, the water has been heated with the help of an internal element, including an immersion heater.

And out of these two types, it might be more costly while it comes to the question of heating water. On the other hand, indirect cylinders feature a spiral heating coil, and if you think you need one of smaller capacity due to the more power in the comparison of the immersion heater based cylinder, you can proceed.