Know More About the NDIS Occupational Therapy

Know More About the NDIS Occupational Therapy

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative which provides financial and medical support to people with any affliction, along with their families. The Australian government in collaboration with the states and territory governments started this program. Barring the western part of Australia, where it is still part of a trial round, the NDIS has been launched almost everywhere else in Australia since July 2016.

The primary element of the NDIS is distinctive packages of support for all the people with disability. Over 460,000 citizens are believed to be receiving full support from the NDIS by the year 2019. The NDIS had its inception under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act in 2013 which is also called the NDIS Act.


Meaning of occupational therapy

Occupational therapy NDIS plan refers to the treatment received by someone who is not able to do simple, everyday tasks. These tasks can be anything from combing one’s hair, dressing up, to walking, running, completing a given assignment, etc. People who have been injured due to an accident, or suffer from any ailment, can apply for this scheme and get occupational therapy to improve their health.

One must not be more than 65 years of age while applying for the scheme. Upon providing the organization with the correct documents which proved that one is unable to carry on with their daily work, they get approved and are eligible for the plan. One can visit the “Occupational Therapy NDIS” website for more aspects and rules regarding their eligibility.

How NDIS can help

An NDIS Planner from the patient’s locality will help the concerned patient to develop their support program. Everyone gets to uniquely form their routine that specifically targets their goals and results they wish to attain. Thus, we see that the occupational therapy NDIS program is distinctive for every other participant in a way that they are given control over the type of therapy they receive. One can access the NDIS website and select the type of help they require from a list of providers and get an occupational therapist to cater to their needs.

Therapists associated with the occupational therapy NDIS plan are highly trained professionals who provide therapeutic assistance to those who need to adapt to the environment with their disability. Though it consists of rehabilitation programs which mainly aim at physical prowess, it sees to it that the person concerned can seamlessly carry out daily chores without any hindrance.

Anyone with a disability always ends up falling behind others in the rat race that is going on in people’s lives. No one likes to be last, and this is why occupational therapy helps people become stronger to keep up with the physically fit people.


Most of the people with disabilities need emotional support and confidence. The occupational therapy NDIS program believes in strengthening both, the mind and the body. Only this way can a person be completely fit to live functionally and productively in society.